Squad Fitness

Squad Fitness has been helping Huntsville get fit for over 10 years. Eddie Stewart has been the manager since 2017 and loved it so much that he decided to purchase the Huntsville location in 2020 and closed in early 2021. Even though we believe Squad Fitness is great just the way it is, we are working to make it a little better every day, just like all our members work to improve their health a little every day.

Our Coaches

Eddie Stewart

Eddie Stewart spent 25 years in teaching and coaching at several high schools across the northeastern area of Alabama. He taught various math and science classes during this time. He coached football, along with track and field every year. He also coached baseball and softball for a few years. Eddie was the strength and conditioning coach at each high school he coached at. He retired from teaching/coaching in 2019 and began working as the manager and a trainer for Squad Fitness. After two years, he and his partner Brian Hill bought Squad Fitness of Huntsville. Eddie has a true passion for fitness and has been working out since the age of 12.

Lonnie Key

Hey there! I’m Coach Lonnie. 

I’m a NASM (national academy of sports medicine) certified trainer that’s been coaching one-on-one and group fitness classes for 8 years. My other group fitness certifications include TRX and P90X.

I struggled with being a chubby kid through high school and also into college. Those struggles drove me into the gym, where over time I found my passion for health and fitness. Seeking a solution to my struggle opened a door that allowed me to fall in love with fitness and it has been an important part of my life ever since. 

I enjoy strength training and competing in natural bodybuilding. My experiences in the health and fitness world have taught me that fitness is a lifestyle, not a fad. If I had one tip for you it would be this: In order to keep fitness a part of your lifestyle, it should be something you enjoy! So one of my main goals for clients is to make fitness fun with the added benefit of getting into great shape in the process! 

Parker Baldwin

Hey there!  I’m Coach Parker:

I am an ASFA (American Sports & Fitness) certified trainer that has been coaching group fitness classes for 3 years and one-on-one personal training for 1 year.  I have been with Squad for my entire duration of fitness training!

I have played sports my whole entire life, which include soccer, swimming, and lacrosse.  My fitness journey started when I was 21 and had finally concluded my career as an athlete after my collegiate lacrosse.  I had always been a bigger kid than all of my other teammates.  This accelerated after I finished sports.  I decided enough was enough after I had put on a lot of weight and found my way to Squad Fitness!  I started off as a member and shortly after gained interest in the training aspect of fitness.  I became certified, was brought on as a trainer, and the rest is history!

I enjoy strength/hypertrophy training with the occasional bout of cross-training to mix things up.  I compete in natural bodybuilding as well with my trusted partner Coach Lonnie!  Fitness and nutrition have hand-in-hand become a lifelong passion for me.  My lifestyle and well-being have completely changed me for the better and I could not have made a better decision in my life.

Through my experience,  I have found that the only thing that works to achieve your goals is hard work and consistency. Members here at Squad have given me the title of the “mean trainer” (jokingly of course) because I hammer them to work hard to achieve their goals.  My training style reflects how much I care about people achieving their goals because I have been in their shoes and have continued to strive for new goals.  While striving to reach your goals, DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN!!!!